About Me

My name is Danielle Drachmann. I’m a 27-year old woman living in Denmark. For the last 2 years, I’ve lived as a stay at home mom, because me and my two wonderful kids all happen to live with ketotic hypoglycemia. As a mother of these rare disease children, my work has spanned further and wider than I had ever thought a career in the traditional workforce might!

  • I’m acting as house chef, when I work my magic in the kitchen, identifying the most nutritious constructions of hypo-regulating cuisines, intended at stabilizing our collective blood sugar. Stability is super important 🙂
  • I’m acting as defender, prosecutor and attorney when I find myself navigating judicial law, to ensure that my children are receiving all of the support they possibly can. We’re fortunate to be living in Denmark, and a strong security net is something we’ve been thoroughly blessed with.
  • I’m acting as house nurse, when I clean/change their probes, administering a brand-new CGM or glucagon syringe during seizures or severe hypos.
  • I’m acting general practitioner whenever I engage with a health care system that knows next to nothing about the Ketotic Hypoglycemia diagnose.

Why Hypomom?

Apart from that portfolio of responsibility, I’m a Kinder-chocolate-indulging passionate hypo mom, with an ambition to help spread awareness of hypoglycemia and its many forms. This is the underlying reason for the establishment of Hypomom. My goal is two-fold:

  • Creating a sense of community, by making sure that those out there with a recent diagnose will find my articles a breath of fresh air, and a comforting destination for how-to’s, tips and tricks as well as relatable stories.
  • Help facilitate discussions around life of G-tube-kids, hypoglycemia’s do’s and don’ts, blood sugar guides, and whatever else life throws at us as we navigate our way in life.