Dealing with the circumstances

We had a hard time this week. After the flu vaccination, Savannah had a blood sugar down to 1.3 mmol mmol/l. Noah went down to 2,0 several time in one day.

The days after such a bad hypo, I am filled with the wildest anger. How could I not discover the blood sugar dropped, until it reached such critical level?

However, when I end up in a safe haven (often when I visit my mom or dad), and the kids are savely hooked up to their food pump, I often notice that the anger turns out to be sadness over living with this illness I can’t control or predict. A cry can help me through, ensuring that I get the energy to continue life as a rare disease hypo-mom.

I just needed to tell you all out there, life is tough – but we are tougher. Especially when we let our self cope and react to the circumstances we are living in.

You are not alone.

Much of love, support and sugary vibes,