Dealing with the circumstances

We had a hard time this week. After the flu vaccination, Savannah had a blood sugar down to 1.3 mmol mmol/l. Noah went down to 2,0 several time in one day. The days after such a bad hypo, I am filled with the wildest…


Diabetes Versus Hypoglycemia

Blood sugar is most frequently understood by non-medical staff in relation to diabetes (with the main symptom hyperglycemia). Diabetes is well-known, it’s normal and for as long there has been diabetics around, blood sugar has most frequently been associated with that diagnose. There happens…

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Hypoglycemia: 6 Terms You Need to Know

One thing is very clear to me here almost 5 years after I gave birth to my first born child with severe hypoglycemia. Knowledge is power. Knowledge makes us capable. Knowledge gives us the tools to ask the right questions, which is the key…

Classmate Solidarity Team Group Community Concept

Top 6 Support Groups on Facebook for Hypoglycemia Families

Support is the keyword to making the best of rare-disease-life! Long before Noah was diagnosed, I found support groups on Facebook. In these groups I found knowledge about hypoglycemia, treatments, dos-and-dont’s and loving support from people from all over the world, affected by hypoglycemia.…

Hypoglycemia Nutrition

Top 10 Food Tips for kids with hypoglycemia

When you have kids with hypoglycemia food is often the most important medicine. That is something that can put a lot of pressure on both kids and parents around meal time. For us, situations around food and eating have been heartbreaking, full of conflict…

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Guest Posts Hypoglycemia

What Is Hypoglycemia?

Today we are going to give you a brief introduction to what hypoglycemia is, for those of you out there who may have recently been confronted or familiarized with the diagnose. We’ve been graced with the guest writer, Jacob Sten Peterson who is a…

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A life with Ketotic Hypoglycemia

Issues with multitasking, excessive activity and restlessness, poor planning and disorganization, lack of focus, issues with memory loss, issues with on-going depression and years of issues with the eating disorder bulimia. At some point I was a mental wreck. The psychiatrist had no doubt;…